That will help me tell the ad agency more specifically what is happening. Mastercook is not perfect, but I have found ways to get more accurate counts over the years. I would love to hear how you made out and if you have any tips or tricks I will add it to the post. I have been on a low carb diet for 5 months. I’m glad you have something to use as tortillas. So how boring for a kid right. My daughter, too, has food allergies (actually sensitivities) so I feel your pain. I may just give it a whirl and will report back! Have a nice day. You're in the right place! Good luck finding the pork rinds. First, a food scale is a great purchase that will last you for years. :) Have a nice week. it made them thin and more the size of a tortilla which works perfect for wrap’s of all kind’s. :), Great! Yes, Barbara, I often need to thin mine out as I cook, too because the batter thickens as it sits. What can I use instead, Hi Joan. HI Ashley, great question! -Kim. Marnie, so glad you like the recipe. Have a great week! These are terrific. Hi, Paula, great question. I think I need a proof reader! With some avocados and sour cream on top, it wasn’t half bad. Hope I was able to help. Aren’t pork rinds the absolute best? Good for you! They are fairly inexpensive and I like the scales that have the option to show both ounces or grams. They are amazing. And, I am so excited! I just made these. Hi Julia. Great, I’m glad you like the recipe, A.J. thanks in advance! Thanks. Sorry about that Alma. In the interest of research, I put cinnamon and vanilla syrup on one and it was yummy . thanks again! Great, Theresa. My picky diabetic husband approved. -Kim, So…I cant have any yokes. Yuk! what is a serving size? I so wanted to love these, but they tasted like a soggy egg omelet. Have you seen all of the posts lately for “Soul Bread”? Having a cup of water nearby helps. Making the actual wraps with this recipe is incredibly straightforward. They are called pork crackling or chi-cha-ron. Copyright © 2021 Low Carb Maven on the Foodie Pro Theme. They’re light and moist and if I hadn’t have made the batter I would’t know pork rinds were in there. -Kim. Yes, Micheal – less than one carb. after they were cooked I spread cream cheese and whipped hwc and rolled it up. They can also be frozen and then thawed in the refrigerator. 2) even though BBQ pork rinds say zero carbs on the package, do they contain sugars? I’m glad you like the recipe, Diana, and that it was a success! healthy ingredients reduced carb high protein no cholesterol excellent source of Omega-3 Joseph's provides you... View full product details ». Hi Joanna. I was trying to keep the “eggy” taste down because the original recipe was a little “eggy” to me. Thaw in the refrigerator. But still good with original recipe. Hi Adegier. Enjoy your week -Kim. -Kim. Good to know. A 3.5-4 ounce bag should be sufficient. 1 tbsp of oil is approximately 14g of fat (depending on the type of oil) and about 110 calories. I do have another post with a recipe that shows psyllum powder wraps. I hope you like them Sarah. Thank you! They did in fact look just like the photo. As a side note, I scrimped on carbs allll day, and i took one for the team. I can do the whites. Nutritional information for this recipe is provided as a courtesy and is my best approximation. I think the tears were because maybe i didn’t let em brown up enough…my mistake, not an issue with the recipe. Oh, I love the idea of using them with Ethiopian food. I’m going to try this and if it works, I’ll know you are a genius. -Kim. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a wonderful weekend. Yes, you are right about the Mac’s BBQ Pork Rinds. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and video with us! -Kim. If the pork scratchings are light, airy, and crispy like Cheetos, then they are the same thing. Have you had pork rinds before? Why do you use only a handful thanks. -Kim. CA$8.99. This turned out great. Let the batter sit for a minute or two to … -Kim. My doc said low carb is the only way to control my diabetes since the meds don’t bring it down enough, so a big thank you for giving me options that make me feel as though I’m missing nothing! Thanks, Evelyn. Have a great week. I used 1/4 cup in an 8 inch skillet. -Kim. Yeah! -Kim, I usually make this kind of “tortilla” on parchment paper to help prevent sticking on my currently not-so-great non stick pans.. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. I have also seen a recipe for a THM psyllium husk and egg white wrap. I hope this answers your question. No more thick, eggy, chewy wraps for me, Awesome, Lisa. I am sorry. Here’s a link with a description, you can find more on his site. Roast Beef, Red Bell Pepper, and Provolone Lettuce Wraps. Total game changer. Thank you! The Perfect ketogenic wrap! I’ve been on a quest to find the best gluten-free low carb tortilla and low carb wrap recipes. So much better than the low carb wraps in the store. And, is the one you used salted? « 57 Great Low Carb Superbowl Appetizers! I was looking for a recipe for a “bread” for a low carb diet. -Kim. Have a great week. – Kim. I am so happy that you are finding recipes that are making your low carb journey easier. The tomato version is 4g net carbs per wrap, carrot version is 4g, apple kale 6g, mango chipotle 5g. Thanks! My husband likes them with eggs! -Kim. This recipe makes a fairly firm product and for pancakes, you want “fluffy”. -Kim, I’ve read a lot of the comments but don’t see where anyone has tried using an electric tortilla press.I haven’t made your recipe yet so I’m unsure if the consistency/stickiness of the product would lend itself to something like that…, It’s like a pancake batter, Jill. Uses low carb tortillas or wraps to reduce total carbs usually found in regular tortillas. Smh. Does it still have a little fat attached to it or is it just the skin? so i used 2 3 ‘s along with the cream cheese and eggs as per recipe, only thing is I have to use a lot of water to thin down to pancake consistancy. I on the other hand am one of those people that is very affected by texture when eating. Thank you, Kim! Thanks so much for your help! -Kim. I think it’s the protein bar. If you have done research on low carb diets, you will read that fat and cholesterol make up a big part of the diet while carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugars are greatly reduced. I’m glad you were able to thin them out appropriately to your preference. Next time though, I want to try with plain, not spicy rinds so not to compete with the stuffing flavors. Thanks very much. Yep. Enjoy! But, it’s important that people understand why they encounter differences when they enter the ingredients into their own calculators and I thank you so much for bringing this up! Nuco Cinnamon Coconut Paleo Wraps, Pack of 5. Vegetarian Sandwich Spread Vegetarian hot dogs are mashed and combined with pickle relish, onion and mayonnaise to make a sandwich … I just ate some pork belly (containing the rind) so I’m glad to hear that the rinds have heart-healthy fat- maybe my cholesterol won’t go through the roof afterall. Is the 4ozs of pork rinds after their crushed or bag size mine was runny and looked like crepes. Thank you. I plan on wrapping a couple around shredded beef and taco fixings tonight. -Kim. I think next time I will just let them crisp while I’m baking them with the meat and cheese on them. The thicker wraps would not have worked for enchiladas at all – I tried. I have a recipe for psyllium wraps on the site and there are also other for coconut flour tortillas and almond flour tortillas available on the internet. I’m so excited to have them as a wrap for tacos and my eyes lit up when I saw the comment someone made about making gyros. How can this be? -Kim. With The only thing I would like them to be different is to be more chewy…the texture was a bit more like dense pancakes in my execution. Hi Barb. 1 cup of crushed pork rinds, 2 eggs, 1 pack of stevia, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 tsp of vanilla, 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream and 1/2 cup of water to thin. Thanks so much for adding to the conversation! My concern at the moment is that they seem to tear easily when coming off the griddle. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Your rating should be based on taste & performance vs. complaining about the batter mix. You can buy a large barrel of them on Amazon. I love all things chicharrone, so thanks for this. BUT, there is a recipe on the site for psyllium wraps I felt like they cooked up exactly like thin pancakes. I am wondering if you can freeze them, Great, Jocelyne. To reheat, use the microwave or heat them on in a skillet to warm them through. Keep them in the fridge or they will spoil quickly. To be responsible, I would say that they keep for 5 days (but we have had them in the fridge for up to 7 days). I can’t find anything on your site anywhere? -Kim. I might add about 2 tablespoons of oil. I would be interested to hear about it. :) Have a great day and thanks for your comment. I season my meat (steak-ums for convenience) with Mediterranean spices, red wine vinegar and oil, so any egginess was lost in the flavor explosion that was inside ;-) They went really really well together. A lot of the fat comes from the pork rinds. I have not tried all egg white, but that may be an option to reduce the egg flavor. You might want to begin by adding more baking powder, some sweetener and cinnamon – my guess is that they would be firm but spongy. I had a hard time with these at first. Hi Teresa. They were a tiny bit eggy when eaten plain, I just wanted to try it by itself didn’t plan to eat it that way, but once I put the hot dog and a bit of chili on the dog I didn’t notice the slight eggy flavor. -Kim. -Kim, I am excited too receive recipes in the mail and newsletter. I recommend the 1 carb gluten-free tortillas on my site or low carb store bought tortillas. I’m glad you liked the wraps. You can use salted or unsalted, they just need to be crispy. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. And what are they? So is this a 14 oz bag of pork rinds or 1 to 4 oz?? Super! For the record I think that bread is neutral in flavor and that’s why it’s possibilities for sandwiches or tortilla wraps are endless. Thanks, Melissa. I have low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia and have to be very careful with the carb count of things. Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave a rating. They were flexible, and had a good texture, so, The lesson learned is this: only make theses if you like pork rinds. I will have to try them as crepes. I don’t have any subs for the pork scratchings in this recipe. Please let me know how it comes out. Okay, so if you don’t have a food scale, buy a pork rind bag that is 3.5 ounces, 4 ounces or 5 ounces. I used my food processor and didn’t really need to spread it in the pan to get that perfect size. I can tolerate some goat and sheep dairy and was wondering whether you thought that goat chèvre could be subbed for the cream cheese? Enjoy the wraps. The recipe makes 8 and I am glad to know they keep for a week in the fridge. Here are my thoughts – knowing that I have never bought pea protein before: Protein powders will work differently based on their composition and properties; whey isolate, casein isolate, whey/casein, egg white, pea protein. Thanks for the feedback and ideas. They sounds awesome! For future… there should be an “X” on each ad or a “report this ad” button. You have made me so happy cause I miss the tortillas I used to eat !! -Kim. Happy Sunday! -Kim. I did think they were a little eggy for use as a tortilla, so I will try using half egg whites next time. I did in fact weigh out the pig skins ;-) But I may also have pushed the batter out too far. I just made these to use with hot dogs. View all posts by Kim Hardesty | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest, Filed Under: Basics, Breakfast, Mexican Tagged With: Under 30 Minutes. Was still delicious but they ended up getting a little soggy and I think it’s because I added more oil to them by frying. The wrap was easier to spread, by tilting the pan side to side. These flaky, herby, low carb tortillas are perfect for all kinds of recipes, like quick wraps, cheesy tacos, or breakfast burritos! Hi Brook! I don’t have those counts for you. of oil recipe). I would like to know how it turns out with all egg whites. OK guys, this low carb crunchwrap supreme recipe is a little different than the Taco Bell classic, but it’s got all the same delicious flavors, and we can’t get enough!. I am trying your BBQ pork rind chicken breasts for sure! I have not seen any of these recipes! Great! Wow…these turned out great…i used the Aldi brand hot n spicy pork rinds and added a whole new level of flavor. It should be thicker. I hope this helps. I will have to try. Yes, you can freeze them. Hi, Sally. Thanks, Dave! I’m just excited to find recipes that fit the no sugar or bread/carb diet I’ve been on. Thank you, Just made another batch this time no oil, 3 eggs plus 3 eggwhites, no salt……perfect, Are these gluten free? Of course it all depends on individual metabolism, age, physical activity, etc. I want to buy a pan, but I was wondering if a crepe maker would work? It’s sometimes hard to find things that make the whole family happy. In fact, I’m going to try it next week. Gelatin, as you may know, is good for you. Just an fyi. It tasted EXACTLY like French toast. That’s great to hear Bryn. I can’t link to it right now. Try adding some spices to the batter. it’s Mambi brand. Back up this carriage. Hmmm. I believe that they claim to have no carbs which I find hard to believe with the sugar. Hi, thank you for this great recipe.. The pork rinds can really thicken up depending on the brand. Thanks again for your great comment. Yes, Tony. Typing “wraps” and typing “tortillas” will yield different recipe results. They looked identical to Kim’s though, which was my goal (not crepes). Hi Kim, -Kim. Enjoy finding recipes you all enjoy! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the recipe. Enjoy your week. Can’t wait to try them with scrambled eggs for breakfast tacos and quesadillas. -Kim. They are in a blue bag, called Pork Krackles, made by Gold Medal Snacks. Let me know if you try it and how you like it. Low Carb Maven is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Yum! We’ve been using the wraps for breakfast tacos and for anything wrap or soft taco like. Edith, you can try, but I haven’t tried it without the cream cheese. I’m glad you like them. -Kim. Try to get a bag with nice fluffy pork rinds and grind them VERY fine. Mine turned out too salty.. but ill try a diff brand of pork rinds, Oh, sorry about that Christina. You may be able to experiment with an egg only recipe. I suspect that you are on mobile. Great call! How much do these taste like pork rinds? I have a little friend with a dairy allergy. would there be an alternative to pork rinds? So on the last couple I sprinkled cinnamon and erythritol. -Kim. I feel your pain, Kae! There are many others, too. Hi Molly. I hope this helps. Of rinds in the video (with the rest of the full recipe) and then in recipe, call for 4 ounces– which is nearly a full-sized bag (5 oz.). I’m happy you were able to salvage something that just didn’t sit right with your taste buds. Not in this particular recipe, Alexis. It was divine! Let me know what you do and if it works. -Kim. I would add less water since sour cream is softer than cream cheese. I hope they work with your Gyros. I used them for hamburger rolls and they were great. 2) I LOVE Mac’s BBQ pork rinds. How is the best way to figure out 4 ounces of pork rinds when you do not have a food scale? Keto BLT Cheese Wraps; There’s no need to spend a lot of time making lunch. Can you use something other than pork rind, I do not eat pork. If it tastes sweet, it’s probably sugar. Glad you liked the recipe. Low Carb Feta, Red Pepper and Artichoke Wraps. That thing lasted almost 15 years. -Kim. I often offer a basic recipe that on can change up per taste and it sounds like you have made it your own. Are the nutrition facts for 1 or 2 tortillas???? Thanks for your question. Are you new to low carb diets? You should, too! Enjoy your day. When cooled, I pulsed it in my Ninja til like bread crumbs, then used it in place of pork rinds, AND IT WORKED!! When I cooked the wraps, and the smell lessened. About how long do these stay fresh in the fridge? The mix doesn’t stick. And Pizza Crusts??? They turned out really wet and eggie. THM – trim healthy mama. Thanks ? The wraps look wonderful. She develops and tests low carb and keto recipes in her California home. -Kim. They have a lot of fiber and there is some indication that high amounts of fiber can interfere with weight loss. -Kim. If so, measure the ground pork rinds into a bowl until it weighs 4 ounces. Have a great week. -Kim. It was all good until I tried to spread the batter int a 5 inch circle. Take care! It is baking soda. Tara, although the glucomannan tortillas were okay three years ago, low carb tortilla recipes have improved a lot since then and the glucomannan version is no longer up to standards. I used them when I started eating low carb about 9 years ago. Freeze with a piece of waxed paper between each wrap. On a non-stick frying pan, add some olive oil. It may not make us fat, but IN EXCESS it is very bad for your heart, liver and pancreas. We use it for breakfast wraps and tortilla wraps all the time. Thank you for the recipe, Kim, I think I will be making this every weekend. You might just have to try different pork rinds. Hope this helps. The possibilities for flavoring the wraps are endless. I apologize if this has been asked before. :) I’d like to know before trying. I actually used to do this as pancakes with a bit of cream instead of water and sweetener and vanilla. Fantastic recipe. I have a zucchini tortilla recipe, a recipe for 1 net carb tortillas that uses glucomannon powder (konjac root powder) which is best used in enchiladas or fried as chalupa shells, and then I have posted a recipe for tortillas from Maria Emmerich which uses psyllium powder and is great for soft tacos. However, think the consistency as is, is perfect for crepes. Hi since I’m beginning my low carb journey I can’t wait to try this recipe. Brands do vary greatly in salt content. Because the wrap is thinner, I don’t get the eggy taste. I can’t wait to try these! Is the per serving info for 1 or 2 wraps? Thanks, Nanabella. Make sure you are using large eggs and not extra large. Hubby and I filled them with a Philly chicken recipe and loved them! I so needed this today. THESE ARE GREAT! I have never tried pork rinds until today, but I now know I don’t like them at all. I use pork rinds to make a faux french toast. Thanks for sharing. So I’ll try them again this weekend. Keep in the refrigerator up to a week or freeze with a piece of waxed paper between each wrap. I have another recipe on the blog for tortillas using glucomannan powder that when fried, resemble a chalupa shell when fried (they are not totally crisp, but do stand out straight and hold fillings like a shell). Have a great weekend. The bag I bought is 5oz. I’m not sure, Sabra. Brenda, it’s thin. Then divide that by 12 wraps. Have a great day! Allrecipes has more than 30 trusted low-carb sandwiches and wraps recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new way of eating. I’d be interested in how it works. I do the Diet Doctor already, and I’ll check out the others. You’ve peaked my curiosity! I am not a super big fan of the fatty burned taste of pork rinds, and I was interested in what you thought the finished product tasted like. Just found this recipe and would like to try it this weekend. Sometimes it takes the body a little longer to become keto-adapted performance-wise. Thanks for the info on the UTZ pork rinds, Betsy. -Kim, sorry I just saw the post above about freezing them…… We loved these can’t wait to wrap stuff up LOL. We kept them in the fridge for a week in a plastic zip-loc bag. Lettuce leaves are cool, crispy and the perfect Whole30, keto and paleo alternative in place of bread. Not to mention extremely good. Am I correct? I lost my old mini processor so now I want a big one! They turned out pretty good. Thank you for your question and comment. -Kim. Previously I had a Cuisinart. What brand of pork rinds are you using? -Kim. Actually, I thought the original recipe was a little eggy. Preheat a pancake griddle over medium heat. Let me know if you try and the results. I think I like the Cuisinart better. For example, lists 1 large egg at .38 carbs each and the USDA lists it as .36 per each. -Kim. Accidentally dropped an egg yolk with the white, so 4 eggs, 2 whites, no oil. Hi Charla. Unfortunately, the pork rinds is the major component of the recipe. He has a couple of recipes using it. I added a little chili and garlic powder, 3 whole eggs and 2 whites and they came out great! I suggest you use the “dinner roll” recipe and make 5 rolls. I like to warm/crisp them up in a pan before use. -Kim. No Usha. if not trying to freeze these; how do you store them? Thanks for this recipe and your other recipe ideas. -Kim. Still others use this basic recipe as a jumping off point and add their own seasonings or use a flavored variety of pork rinds. Let me know if you have any more questions. Hi Lyn, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m making these as I type this. I think it’s a great alternative for someone who either can’t have or is trying to avoid it. Hi Kate. The batter is more like pancake batter so I’m not sure it will work. I’m sorry about that. I love pork belly. Thank you! Thank you! I hope you like them, Sean. -Kim, I made these using hot and spicy and they turned out great very soft may more rinds next time for a thicker wrap but the are great for anything i used one as a wrap with breakfast and made tacos for dinner, Sounds great, Chauntae. I don’t remember off hand. Follow the instructions and instead of leaving them as a round ball, flatten them slightly to maybe 3/4 – 1/2 inch thick. Cook like you would a pancake. I have never heard of shecallsmehobbit and it was nice to poke around on their site. -Kim, These are great. I’ll try to add the dry cup measure into the posts soon. I’m so glad you found something you like and with regular ingredients to boot! That recipe was popular about 8-9 years ago on George Stella’s forum and the Atkins forum. This may help them taste less eggy. -Kim. My family would love to have a workable substitute for corn tortillas. For the first time in a long time I was able to eat kind of like the normal people do! It doesn’t matter if you weigh the pork rinds before or after grinding. The nutritional info is for 1 wrap. If you can’t get them then I suggest you try a different recipe, Rana. Do you have a particular machine you recommend? I’m a life long vegetarian. Oh, wow, Terry. They should be fairly inexpensive. It doesn’t really work for us. I’m a “read the comments” person.

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